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His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid of Morocco – manifestation of the light of hope for the evolutionary future

During the 2007, His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid occupied his official state duties under the powers and responsibilities of the legitimate heir to the Moroccan throne under the constitutional provisions. As a result, His Royal Highness carried out publicly approximately 200 initiated projects and activities (including the Kingdom’s two most costly venues the Hassan II Golf Trophy and Marrakech International Film Festival). His Royal Highness' carefully selected activities range far and wide into many spheres and many areas related to the well-being of his subjects, the security and stability of his nation and the world at large, and national and international cohesion.

Throughout this past year, His Royal Highness has paid regular visits to his subjects in all the regions, especially in remote and chronically impoverished areas.

His Royal Highness has continued working on issues of national and global concern, including core matters such as international relations, peace, intercultural and interfaith understanding, rural and community development, youth and community empowerment, the welfare of underprivileged children, education, primary health care and raising awareness on issues pertaining society on the local, regional and international levels.

His Royal Highness received in audience people from various fields, including several political, humanitarian and business leaders.

His wide-ranging interest, combined with his academic knowledge and pragmatic approach based on culture and wisdom, have enabled the poor, the underprivileged and the disenfranchised to lead a more hopeful and positive life, and in that way strengthening the social fabric of society, national unity and identity.

Giving personal touch to official diplomatic ties

His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid exercised to the full his prerogative monarchist power to maintain, deepen, establish or normalize diplomatic relations with exchanged a number of high level foreign visits and meetings. These high-level exchanges resulted in the accelerated development of bilateral cooperation relations, regional and international developments, and exploration of number of avenues for greater cooperation in areas such as economic, investment and trade domains, education and training and peace process.

In the past year, His Royal Highness also paid five official visits to foreign countries, which included France (February), Saudi Arabia (March), United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia (October) and France (November).

As for State Guests from abroad, His Royal Highness networked twenty-two times with world leaders counting Saudi Arabia Crown Prince (March 5th), Prime Minister of Spain Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia (March 12th), President of the 61st session of the UN General Assembly (UNGA), President of Latvia, King of Saudi Arabia (May 17,18 and June 18), Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Congo-Brazzaville’s President, France’s President, Gabon’s President, Crown Prince of Span, Duke of York HRH the Prince Andrew, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia (November), Palestinian President, King of Bahrain.

In addition, His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid held talks with the President of Comoros and President of Mauritania on the sideline of the 19th Arab Summit.

Message of Peace and Cross-Cultural and Interfaith Understanding

Turning to the issue of peace and stability, His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid works tirelessly to promote intercultural and interfaith dialogue to spread His message of global peace. His Royal Highness fostered many opportunities and communications projects to create a new dialogue and exchanges on common concerns of mutual understanding and to build bold proposals for sustainable peace. His Royal Highness stressed the importance of role in supporting efforts to realize peace throughout the phase of international diplomacy and to make the peace process a success.

To raise the level of collective commitment to peace and security issues, His Royal Highness participated in the 24th Franco-African summit, which took place at Cannes, on the French Mediterranean coast, from 14 to 16 February 2007.

In March 28-29, 2007, His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid lead the Moroccan delegation in the 19th Arab Summit in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, where He outlined his vision on the Middle East peace.

In April, His Royal Highness took his passionate works for peace and intercultural and interfaith harmony to London, United Kingdom, where He inaugurated the Three Faiths Exhibition, entitled: "Sacred - Discover what we share" and hosted a friendship dinner in an effort to endorse a mutual spirit of acceptance and to highlight the imminent need to continue to foster interfaith and intercultural dialogue providing a platform for educational exchange to share the differences and similarities in cultures and religions.

In November His Royal Highness was in France to make a firm effort to bring the 2012 World Expo to Morocco, were He delivered a keynote speech calling for the need of what he called a collective victory carrying the seal of universal citizenship.

On national front, His Royal Highness spearheaded several projects and events delivering the message of intercultural and interfaith acceptance, including the Marrakech International Film Festival and inauguration of the Instituto Cervantes - Spanish Cultural center in Marrakech.

In religious context, His Royal Highness embraces the significance of Islamic virtues and practice. Part of this is manifested through his pilgrimage to perform Umrah annually in the Holy City of Mecca.

Philosophy of development programs and sustainable economy

To achieve the Millennium Development Goals, His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid continues to actively spearhead and support the development of Moroccan communities and devotes much of his time to carry on social development projects stemming from his conviction and personal dedication to the well-being of people.

His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid embarked on significant principles of development that reflect fittingness to the geographical and social conditions with proper promotion of knowledge and current technology, based on the values of sustainable protection of natural resources.

As has been the case every year, His numerous development projects are carried out to assist his people with a better future to improves and upgrades the socio-economic status, livelihood and well-being in such fields as agriculture, forestry, and industries.

His Royal Highness coordinates, organizes and sponsors various research projects in different disciplines comprising economy, social, religion, culture and science and technology. Most of the programs organized with the assistance and support from various organizations to achieved collective objectives.

His Royal Highness the Prince also encourages young people to seize a main role that adheres to the national strategy for human development and therefore lead them to become force of change.

Strong advocacy of youth empowerment and education

His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid has at all times carried on the adherence to the diligently in the promotion of education. His Royal Highness always stresses the importance of education as the basis for the making a successful livelihood, which in the final analysis contributes to the development of the country in all fields.

This past year, numerous of His projects deal with youth empowerment issues, setting up new schools or launching rural social center for girls, like one in Melloussa.

In November, His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid in the framework of implementation of the National Development of Junior Golf officially opened 2007-2008 golf seasons with primary target to integrate the unprivileged children into the program.

As a President of Moroccan National Federation of Scouting, His Royal Highness undertook leading role with development projects for youth, fight against illiteracy, help to vulnerable youth, service of patriotism, and promotion of values of friendship, solidarity, tolerance and partnership. Together they organized action the Holidays for all, the 3rd session of the International Meeting of Scouts and Solidarity under the motto “Friendship Meeting”, the National forum on Communication entitles “Only one world, only one currency”, etc.

As another international milestone, His Royal Highness chaired in October the 62nd United Nations (UN) Day as a part of his humanitarian efforts. Challenging the complexities for continuing the humanitarian efforts in the world, His Royal Highness noted that good progress has been made, but the concerns are still devastatingly serious, as every year, more than 10 million children under the age of five die from entirely avoidable deaths.

Compassion for healthcare in rural region

His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid has always been concerned about the condition of healthcare in rural and remote regions. He has acquired first-hand experiences during his frequent trips to those areas stressing lack of health facilities for the sick and poor.

His Royal Highness endless support seeks to improve access to primary health care services in under-serviced rural communities. His Royal Highness championed the cause of this often invisible section of the deprived population, emphasizing the need for better health care.His Royal Highness is keenly involved with the leading rural healthcare providers and institutions, pointer of his commitment to ensure and meet the health needs of inhabitants in targeted remote areas.

As the Honorary President of the Grand Heart Association, His Royal Highness continued to exert efforts to focus on welfare of the underprivileged children suffering from heart malformations that cannot afford to seek treatment.

His Royal Highness also leads significant awareness in promoting vision health and enhancing independence for people with vision loss.

As the President of the Federation of Moroccan Scouting, His Royal Highness organized several development project related to the health issues, including the organization of a training session under the topic “Role of scouting in the satisfaction the needs of handicapped people” on February 4-5.

Improving the livelihood with cultural and sport tourism

As in every year in the past, His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid has continued to play a central role by developing strong policies to build, initiate and support important initiatives to promote cultural and sport tourism in the Kingdom.

His Royal Highness expressed a strong desire to improve and enhance methods of way in which rich Moroccan cultural attractions, including museums, art galleries, monuments and heritage attractions, are shaped for used by cultural tourists.

His Royal Highness’ keenness to attract and retain cultural and sport tourism is mark by stream of high-level international events and projects, from festivals to championships, celebrating most enthusiastically through words, arts and sport. These first class tourism products support to increase awareness of and promote Morocco as a world-class all season tourism destinations.

With these approaches His Royal Highness inaugurated the 13th edition of the Casablanca International Book Fair. He showed remarkable perseverance in an effort to promote the cultural tourism provided by a welcome source of the Marrakech International Film Festival, which took place from December 7th to 15th.

In October, the Hassan 2 Golf Trophy - the biggest Moroccan sport event, endows with a long-term solution to the sport tourism. His Royal Highness also graciously commanded one of the country's most ambitious project ‘Royal Moroccan Golf Tour’, which integrates Maroc Telecom tournament in the stages of its circuit.

As a President of Royal Moroccan Federation for Hunting Shotgun Shooting, His Royal Highness hosted several world, African and national championships of Universal Trench or Compak Sporting.

In April, under His Presidency, the Royal Moroccan Motorsport Federation organized the 14th edition of Maroc Classic Rally under the motto “The Road of Heart”. At the same time, the international event encourages improvement of living conditions and fight poverty as a part of the country's development process.

As an Honorary President of Royal Moroccan Yachting Federation and Royal Moroccan Skiing and Mountaineering Federation, His Royal Highness established and advanced several initiatives and projects to preserve and enhance sport tourism opportunities.

Moreover, His Royal Highness graciously gave his honest support and personally chaired several sport events to make progress in life of the entire populace, in particular, 8th National Championship of Traditional Equestrian Arts, the Throne Cup 2006-2007, etc.

This year, His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid as a President of Moroccan National Federation of Scouting has accepted the presidency of the 25th Arab Scout Conference.

His Royal Highness had also accepted to be the Honorary President of Moroccan Falconers Association Al-Noubala.

The Royal Activities of His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid Over the Past Year

His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid was engaged in various official duties over the past year, including organizing the Kingdom’s two most costly venues: the Hassan II Golf Trophy and Marrakech International Film Festival.

Throughout this past year, His Royal Highness never restricted himself behind the Palace walls and showcased that He is blessed with leadership qualities. Moroccans and international community witnessed the historical moment when for the first time in long reigning Alaouite dynasty, His Royal Highness as the first Moroccan Royal ever would show the way of equalizing the status of the Royalty and people. Undeniably, on May 22nd leading the funeral service for the Moroccan human rights activist Driss Benzekri, His Royal Highness went on narrow dusty road hand-in-hand with huge crowd of ordinary Moroccan people.

His Royal Highness has again verified He is the Most Gracious Royal of people and the King of people hearts.

Here are the notable activities of His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid:

HRH Prince Moulay Rachid marks 50 years of Moroccan Sport Federation

Rabat – Morocco, December 28, 2007 -- In celebration of the 50th anniversary of establishment of Moroccan Sport Federation, His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid, the Heir to the Moroccan throne, chaired a special ceremony Friday night at the National Theatre Mohamed V.

His Royal Highness has reaffirmed his commitment and adherence to the invocation of values and principles of practice of sport, hailing the accomplishments made since the creation of federation.

Lauding the great achievements of the Moroccan athletes, His Royal Highness noted particular prominence of many highly talented sportswomen and men, who promote and advocate positive sportsmanship, citizenship and total development of national sport through culture of sport.

His Royal Highness indicated that sport is an important part of Moroccan culture and pervades the lives of citizens, contributing to the healthy lifestyle that helps prevent disease and injury caused by inactivity.

Later, His Royal Highness visited the sports museum, including an exhibition of postage stamps and photos reflecting rich history of Moroccan sport and giving greater insight into the sports of excellence.

Numerous photos were also depicting His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid who has a long record of support, advancement and promotion sports and sport tourism.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

As millions across the world prepare to celebrate Christmas, we take a few moments to fully support His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid’s call and philosophy of interfaith harmony and unity.

We would like to wish Merry Christmas to all who celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. May your home be fill with a peace, goodwill, joy and happiness throughout the coming year.

HRH Prince Moulay Rachid lauds importance of sport tourism as a new niche market

African Compak Sporting Championship is coming to Tangier
Tangier-Morocco, December 22, 2007 -- Recognizing the importance of sport tourism as a sector with significant growth potential in the Kingdom of Morocco, His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid, the President of Royal Moroccan Federation for Hunting Shotgun Shooting, announced the sport tourism initiative designed to increase sports events hosted in the country.
His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid was one of the first in the Kingdom of Morocco to address the immediate needs to promote development of sport tourism as a viable contributor to the economic prosperity of local communities, stressing potential of generating jobs, businesses, investors that can positively effect poverty reduction.
Building a greater awareness of the importance of tourism, His Royal Highness also outlined the sport tourism contributions to social and cultural vitality.
Therefore, to continue to create a viable sport tourism industry and ensure improving economic and social conditions in Morocco, His Royal Highness has stepped up efforts to attract events to the Tangier Region.
Tangier will host international event, the African Compak Sporting Championship, that will kick-start its 2008 competition from May 1st to 3rd.
Compak Sporting is highly specialized discipline of Sporting clays. It allows all the usual targets from English sporting to be combined into a competition utilizing only a very small area. There are five firing stations and the shooters change firing points after every sequence of targets throughout the 25 clays that makes up a round.
His Royal Highness expressed hope the championship would achieve its objectives in enhancing developmental projects that would reflect positively on standards of living of citizens and generate a favorable boost to the local economies.
His Royal Highness’ keenness to attract and retain sport tourism is mark by stream of events and projects. As soccer enthusiast, His Royal Highness actively support soccer industry and for several times spearheaded delegations and played a key role in pushing forward the Moroccan candidature for variety of World’s soccer Championships.
As Honorary President of Royal Moroccan Yachting Federation and Royal Moroccan Skiing and Mountaineering Federation, His Royal Highness established and advanced several initiatives and projects to preserve and enhance sport tourism opportunity.
However, the major international sports event in Morocco remains the Hassan II Golf Trophy, which Prince Moulay Rachid organizes annually in memories of his father.

HRH Prince Moulay Rachid drives momentum for visual sciences campaign

Tahanaoute (Marrakech) – Morocco, December 22, 2007 -- Demonstrating his commitment to the public health promotion cause, His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid initiated a rural campaign for ophthalmology aimed on preventing the occurrence of eye disease and at reducing the prevalence of blindness in Morocco.

Under the support and patronage of His Royal Highness, campaign’s goal is to improve the health and well being of rural inhabitants, while overcoming some of the hurdles to cataract surgery in rural areas, saving sight and raising awareness of blinding eye diseases.

The campaign emerged in solidarity and mutual support by various partners (Association Hassania du Scoutisme Marocain, Association Tahanaoute, province d'Al Haouz) and framed by medical staff composed of ophthalmologist doctor and eleven nurses.

Prince’s tireless efforts for children and his role in encouraging empowerment of youth came into view that this operation benefited 100 children resulting from underprivileged background, in addition to 600 women and elderly.

His Royal Highness seeks to promote prevention initiatives in the future, including in ophthalmology, fight against the diabetes and diabetic eye diseases, gynecology, pediatry care by building awareness in affected rural communities and providing guidelines for enabling ambient access to information for next generation.

This initiative thus signaled the remarkable strength within His Royal Highness' vision of promoting sustainable community development that ushers in a new era for community with physical or mental disabilities.

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HRH Prince Moulay Rachid marks the start of Eid Al-Adha

Rabat – Morocco, December 21, 2007 - His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid, the heir to the Moroccan throne, on Friday performed Eid Al-Adha prayers at Rabat Royal Palace.

On the occasion of Eid Al-Adha, His Royal Highness has called upon Muslim nations to strengthen their unity and solidarity by upholding the teachings of Islam.

Eid al-Adha means the Feast of Sacrifice. When God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son, Abraham placed his faith in God above all else. The festival commemorates the devotion of Abraham and is celebrated by Muslims worldwide.

During Eid Al-Adha, Muslims celebrate Abraham's devotion and give thanks for God's mercy and many blessings. Eid al-Adha is also a time for demonstrating charity and reaching out to family, friends, and those in need.

Happy Eid al-Adha Most Gracious Royal Highness!

We, His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid's most faithful and dutiful subjects, humbly convey our sincere regards to Your Royal Highness on Eid al-Adha.

With all our hearts, souls and minds, we express our gratitude for Your Royal Highness’ outstanding service to Your Nation and the World at large.

Our heartiest hope that Your Royal Highness may long persevere to enjoy good health, peace and happiness in your heart, in your affections, in your relationships, in your daily activities, literally, in each part of your life.

The most important Islamic feast Eid al-Adha, or the Day of Sacrifice, honours the prophet Abraham for offering to sacrifice his son to God. In observance of this feast, Muslims older than 18 years can choose to sacrifice a young and healthy animal. The meat is divided into three portions, one is given to extended family and friends and a second to the less fortunate members of the community. The third portion is kept by the person who sacrifices the animal and eaten over the three-day festival.

HRH Prince Moulay Rachid elevates the dialogue of diplomacy and external affairs

Rabat – Morocco, December 19, 2007 – His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid, the Heir to the Moroccan Throne, solemnly met Wednesday in Rabat with Bahrain ruler, King Hamad bin Issa Al Khalifa, who flew to Morocco for private visit.

To strengthen bilateral ties between to brotherly countries, His Royal Highness emphasized that the affairs between both countries have at all times been very gracious and well developed in all areas.

Adding, that both countries moreover contribute in several projects within the framework of bilateral institutions.

His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid’s outstanding intellectual and personal contribution to developing and strengthening diplomatic relations, poises to take Morocco’s spot amongst the developed nations of the world.

His Royal Highness’ mission is giving priority to harness national development efforts to move Morocco forward with economic growth and political and social development.

Curtains came down on the 7th Marrakech International Film Festival

Marrakech – Morocco, December 16, 2007 -- Screening a total of 110 films from 23 countries, the Marrakech International Film Festival wrapped its successful 7th edition on December 15th, 2007.

This year’s MIFF was the most successful to date, despite the unexpected challenges, we are pleased to say even more, festival is an impressive cultural victory as well.

MIFF had focused on the production from the countries of Eastern Europe and sketched attention to examine issues affecting women around the world.

The audiences came together and enjoyed the festival experience in the renewed spirit of agreed mandate to boost the accepting of other nations through the art of cinema.

The closing gala and awards ceremony of the festival organized by His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid, the President of MIFF Foundation, was made on Saturday evening at Marrakech's Palais des Congres.

The Festival announced its full slate of awards with Golden Star award rewarded to the Estonian film "Autumn Ball" by director Veiko Ounpuu.The Best Actor was awarded to the Finnish actor Tommi Korpela for his role in "Man's Job" and the Best Actress went to the 19-year-old South Korean actress Yu Yun-mi for her role in the film "Black Soi"l.

The Special Prize of the Jury was awarded to the two films, Russian director Alexey Mizgirev for his film "The Hard-Hearted" and Filipino director Brillante Mendoza for his film "Slingshot".

The 7th annual Marrakech International Film Festival was held December 7, through December 15, 2007.

HRH Prince Moulay Rachid takes concrete action to bridge the knowledge divide

Marrakech – Morocco, December 13, 2007 – His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid, the Heir to the Moroccan Throne and President of Marrakech International Film Festival Foundation, on Sunday launched a first ever major national cinema school - the Marrakech Graduate School of Visual Arts - to wider educational opportunities that will help bridge growing education divide in the Kingdom.

His Royal Highness tirelessly advocates for education as a key to tackling poverty and extending opportunity, pointed out that unless Morocco will not close a growing knowledge and education gap between the Kingdom and developed countries, Morocco will have little success to boost economic growth and diminish poverty.

In this regard, His Royal Highness is taking the measures to promote educational sustainability and broaden economic opportunities that will play a major part in turning around development in Morocco very seemingly.

The Marrakech Graduate School of Visual Arts (l'Ecole Supérieure des Arts Visuels), the project endorsed by His Royal Highness, plays a key role in enforcing the implementation of strong commitment to a process of continuous education that enabling broader participation in the global economy and encourages open and cohesive societies.

His Royal Highness underlined that the process of continuous education creates a country’s intellectual and economic foundation, and its capability to acquire new technological knowledge and skills crucial by the global society.

The Marrakech new cinema school offers hands-on training programs (three years for a BA and two additional years for an MA) for all sectors of the film and television industries (directors, cinematographers, sound designers, editors…) and for the visual communication industry (graphic and multimedia design). For more info please visit

Spotlight on Marrakech International Film Festival Foundation

The Marrakech International Film Festival (MIFF) Foundation was established in 2001 by His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid and was endowed with the presidency of His Royal Highness.

The Foundation is not-for–profit organization and was incorporated due to lack of opportunities for creative talents in cinematography.

The Foundation is distinguished for hosting the most renowned annual Marrakech International Film Festival.

Extraordinarily, the Foundation does not restrict its activities only to the famous festival, and specializes in the preservation and promotion of cultural wealth.

The Foundation’s aim is to provide assistance to the diverse talents in front of and behind the camera. Social welfare projects also fall within its domain.

The purview of MIFF Foundation is very broad. Under the brave leadership of His Royal Highness, the foundation showcases and promotes work of diverse filmmakers and artists to Moroccan and International audiences. Its goal is to encourage and train new artists of all faces and to prepare them to reach ultimate victory.

To hundreds of young filmmakers dream came true due to generosity of His Royal Highness and his decisive contribution to the intellectual training of those who might play a leading role in cinematography.

Under the direction of His Royal Highness, the Foundation brings together emerging film talents from diverse Moroccan, African, Arab and International communities to network, dialogue, share, support and critique each other’s work.

For that reason, the Foundation has focused its activities to facilitate a forum where filmmakers and other film artists can interact and pitch their ideas to producers and investors.

The Foundation is a main sponsor, along with European Union, of annual workshop of MEDA Films Development in Marrakech, with the aim of offering the opportunity to scriptwriter and producer teams to learn new ways of creating innovative ideas, expanding on them and collaborating to realize them as feature films.

In 2005, the Foundation has joined forces with the Tribeca Film Institute to create a pioneering filmmaking exchange program. The Marrakech/Tribeca Filmmaker Exchange was held in Marrakech in conjunction with film festival that brought together eight New York film students and eight emerging Moroccan directors.

One of America's most honored film directors Martin Scorsese and Iran's Abbas Kiarostami has offered master classes, which were among the program's core offerings.

The preservation and promotion of intercultural understanding is also foundation’s mission furthering the vision of His Royal Highness. The Foundation also contributes in various ways to the promotion and enhancement of the contemporary artistic scene in Morocco and aboard. It also endorses the endeavors of other organizations on behalf of the cultural and scientific development.

Children being close to His Royal Highness heart, the foundation has been supporting non-governmental organizations by subsidizing the implementation of social welfare projects. Exclusively, the foundation has run the “Schoolbags Actions” to ease the financial burden of low-income families with children and to help them with basic education fees.

Under the leadership of His Royal Highness, the foundation works in the belief that knowledge and exploitation of the cultural heritage constitute a firm foundation for the future and for the preservation of the historic identity of Morocco, particularly during the unfavorable times following the 911.

HRH Prince Moulay Rachid gives extraordinary rise to MIFF

Marrakech International Film Festival (MIFF) in full swing

Marrakech – Morocco, December 11, 2007 – His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid, the heir to the Moroccan throne and President of the MIFF Foundation opened the 7the edition of MIFF in presentation full of elegance.

Director Martin Scorsese powered actor Leonardo DiCaprio with praise while presenting him an honorary award of the Marrakech International Film Festival.Kapur's "Elizabeth: The Golden Age", starring Cate Blanchett, was screened as the festival's opening film out of competition.

The several-day festival, known for its charismatic offerings, is the largest and most ambition in the region. It opened Friday and continues to December 15th 2007.

The perfect movies selection from all over the world honors Marrakech festival truthfully international character.

Apart from the films in the special selection, the seventh edition being held in the city of Marrakech also focuses on countries where filmmaking is still in its embryonic stage.

The Marrakech International Film Festival will see 110 films from 23 countries being screened.

Czech-born director Milos Forman, this year's chairman of the jury, declared the festival open in Czech, flanked by fellow jurors Moroccan filmmaker Hamid Bennani, Pavel Lounguine of Russia, Claude Miller of France and Britain's Shekar Kapur.

In contention for the festival's Golden Star award this year are 14 films, representing Algeria, Estonia, China, the Czech Republic, Finland, Japan, the Philippines, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, Russia, Serbia, and the United States.Last year the Gold Star went to German film "Der Rote Kakadu" (The Red Cockatoo), directed by Dominik Graf.

HRH Prince Moulay Rachid endorses quality education as a key to everyone’s development

Marrakech –Morocco, December 10, 2007 – Under the Royal patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid, the Seventh Marrakech International Film Festival - the major cultural collaboration - is holding the Master Classes, from December 8th in Marrakech Graduate School of Visual Arts (GSVA).

Prominent members and professionals of the international film community, including the veteran US movie director Martin Scorsese, present the Master Classes."The most important (thing) is the script and in the script I expect the character and the story," Scorsese said late Saturday."I am much more interested by the character than by the plot. ... There is no plot in "Taxi Driver", not in "The Last Temptation of Christ" and in "Gangs of New York" there is not a lot of plot," he said.Scorsese's vast repertoire of work addresses issues ranging from Italian American identity, Roman Catholic concepts of guilt and redemption, machismo, and the violence endemic in American society.

Hosting those Master Classes, His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid’s aim is to offer both students and festival-goers a unique opportunity to go behind the scenes and get a better understanding of the filmmaking process.After all, not often will one meet filmmakers, cinematographers, sound designers, screenwriters and actors who share their experience.

These seminar meetings are instrumental in fostering or strengthening vocations.

HRH Prince Moulay Rachid graciously presided over the inauguration of the Marrakech Graduate School of Visual Arts

Marrakech-Morocco, December 9, 2007 – His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid, President of the Marrakech International Film Festival Foundation, on Sunday officially inaugurated the Kingdom’s first cinema school in Marrakech on the sidelines of the seventh Marrakech International Film Festival (MIFF).

Aiming to empower Moroccan students to meet the challenges of the new millennium, His Royal Highness has consistently been leading advocate and activist of progressive education and He hopes to develop and expand Moroccan budding film industry.

His Royal Highness, who upholds full pace of development in all fields with education receiving great importance, points out that investing in education and job training for youth produces economic growth and sharply reduces poverty.

Speaking on behalf of the students and on his own believes, His Royal Highness expressed his profound gratitude to launch the Marrakech Graduate School of Visual Arts to support the Education for All movement as a necessity of human right.

The program is set up to address the increased professionalism required of the film industry and provide the pace for high-demand training in the field as well as encourage the spread of economic benefits of participation in the film industry.

The total project investment is 60 million DH and was sponsored by the Swiss Foundation Susanna Biederman (80%) and Cadi Ayyad University - Marrakesh (20%).

The overall area of cinema school is 9,000 m2 and will provide space for the cinema of 210 seats, outdoor cinema, two shooting stages, auditorium mixer, recording studio, photo studio and three development laboratories, 20 meeting rooms, exhibition spaces and other dependencies.

The inauguration of the Marrakech Graduate School of Visual Arts (l'Ecole Supérieure des Arts Visuels) was attended by several personalities from the world of cinema and culture, including the famous American director, Martin Scorsese and Melita Toscan Du Plantier.

HRH Prince Moulay Rachid in the glare of ramps after year-round hard work

Marrakech – Morocco, December 7, 2007 -- The high-voltage glamorous His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid, the heir to the Moroccan throne and president of Marrakech International Film Festival, charmed during the opening night as he hosted an ultra exclusive royal dinner in conjunction with his the seventh Marrakech International Film Festival.
This prestigious gala dinner has become one of the most eagerly awaited events in Morocco's royal calendar.After year-round hard work, His Royal Highness was noticeably pleased to wrap up all efforts in the romance of the nine-day long film festival extravaganza.
Looking elegant as ever in a fitted black tuxedo, 37-year-old Prince Moulay Rachid dazzled onlookers as he welcomed the Hollywood and European stars.
Up for grabs at the impressive gala dinner were Czechoslovakian born Milos Forman, US director Martin Scorsese, Russian director, screenwriter and producer Pavel Lounguine American actor Leonardo Di Caprio, French actress Issa Maiga, Spanish actress Aitana Sanchez- Gijon, and others.
The 7th Marrakech International Film Festival runs from December 7th to 15th in Marrakech, Morocco.

Marrakech rolls out red carpet for annual international film fest

Marrakech-Morocco, December 7, 2007 – “Let the 7th edition (of Marrakech International Film Festival) celebrate films from the whole world, which will, with their uncertainties, convictions and hopes, broaden our perspective and help us build the future”, said His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid, the heir to the Moroccan throne and President of the Marrakech International Film Festival (MIFF).

Under the leadership of His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid, the MIFF Foundation was pleased to open on Friday evening the 7th edition of its annual film fest with the presentation of powerful and compelling programs.

The MIFF that echoes the meaning of intercultural understanding was opened by the festival’s jury president Milos Forman with unexpected speech in Czech language.

Also, on its first day of opening, His Royal Highness brought every girl's dream to Marrakech, as the festival paid a tribute to American actor Leonardo Di Caprio. US movie director Martin Scorsese, one of the most festival’s faithful, handed over the Golden Star to Hollywood honky star who expressed his deep appreciation and thanks to His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid.

The spectators also turn their eyes to Mustapha Derkaoiui to whom festival paid homage for his contribution to the promotion of Moroccan cinema.The 2007 program that promises many surprises features many new films mainly from Eastern Europe and Asia to introduce young new filmmakers.

HRH Prince Moulay Rachid shapes future by equipping Moroccans with world-class knowledge and education

Marrakech – Morocco, December 6, 2007 -- In an effort to raise the national standards of education, His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid announced that he will launch the Marrakech Graduate School of Visual Arts in observance of the 7th edition of the Marrakech International Film Festival (MIFF).

His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid, the President of MIFF Foundation, lays emphasis on the importance of higher education in further enhancing and improving standard of living and ensuring stability, noting, “hoping that it will soon help develop and expand our budding film industry”.

In doing so, His Royal Highness has moreover highlighted the link between quality of higher education and enhancing the competitiveness of Moroccans.Additionally, His Royal Highness is mobilizing all cohorts towards achieving the Education For All goals, to reaffirm the importance to further reinforce education and literacy for all.

The Marrakech Graduate School of Visual Arts will offer the graduate student exceptional opportunities for advanced study in the arts and equipped the graduate student with the realization of personal goals and make the development of personal vision possible.

The 7th Marrakech International Film Festival runs from December 7th to 15th in Marrakech, Morocco.

Clock Ticking Down for 7th Marrakech International Film Festival

Marrakech-Morocco, December 5, 2007 – His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid will open the 7th Marrakech International Film Festival (MIFF) on Friday December 7, 2007 with what is expecting to be an exceptional yet truly inspirational venue.

The Festival, in the hands of His Royal Highness, promises to delight, motivate and surprise spectators with an extravaganza of exciting programs.

Among the respected directors screening their work are Volker Falndorf, Martin Schorcese, Alan Parker and Roman Zöllner.

The Marrakech International Film Festival will pay tributes to Egyptian cinema celebrating its centennial, director and screenwriter SHINJI AOYAMA, director MUSTAPHA DERKAOUI, actor LEONARDO DI CAPRIO and director ABEL FERRARA.

The jury, led by the Czechoslovakian born Milos Forman, is to determine the winner of the Grand Prix winner as well as to award the Jury Prize, Best Actress and Actor Prize.

The 7th Marrakech International Film Festival is scheduled to take place December 7 to 15 and will pull in both Hollywood and European stars.

HRH Prince Moulay Rachid awards female architect with the most prestigious project

Marrakech-Morocco, December 4, 2007 – As part of His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid’s efforts to promote the economic development, the Prince has a long-standing commitment to fostering the professionals advancement of women in various industries, to enhance a social movement that will uproot all forms of oppression from the society, and endorse and shelter the basic human rights for all.

And although men assume the most important roles in the Moroccan community, His Royal Highness awarded the most prestigious project, the architectonic plan for the Headquarters of the Marrakech International Film Festival (MIFF) Foundation, to a young female architect Lamia El Madhi.

Madhi’s magnificent architecture exposure, without doubt, will provide a major boost to her career.

The marvelous constructions of the Foundation’s headquarters in Marrakech is composed of the President’s office, Vice President’s offices, General Secretariat office, exhibition space, movie screening room, accounting office, meeting rooms, kitchen, warehouse, etc.

With the dynamic use of space, the future headquarters reflects the energy of the city Marrakech and further generate more vigor for the city.

His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid will lay the first stone of the headquarters of the MIFF Foundation during the 7th edition of the MIFF to be held from December 7th to 15th, 2007.


This year the Marrakech International Film Festival (MIFF) will celebrate its 7th anniversary.

True, the venue is considered today " and rightly so " as a major driving force and a platform for the development of Moroccan cinema. But this year the Festival also wants to help and support the men and women behind films.

This is why I will be honoured to launch the Marrakech Graduate School of Visual Arts at the 7th edition of the MIFF, hoping that it will soon help develop and expand our budding film industry.

This is also why I will be thrilled to lay the first stone of the headquarters of the MIFF Foundation in order to strengthen the wonderful love story between an art form (film) and a city (Marrakech) in a country deeply rooted in its history and definitely embarking on a modernization effort.

Let the 7th edition celebrate films from the whole world, which will, with their uncertainties, convictions and hopes, broaden our perspective and help us build the future.

President of the Foundation of MIFF

HRH Prince Moulay Rachid draws big names to MIFF

Marrakech-Morocco, December 1, 2007 – Under the strategic leadership of His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid, the Marrakech International Film Festival’s (MIFF) core goals are to support young filmmakers and highlight the ever changing global film industry.

The aim is to combine these goals into a unique atmosphere of the festival promoting cross-cultural understanding through the universal language of cinema.Visit by world famous guests helps to put the spotlight on Moroccan cinema.

That’s why international guests and jury members are invited each year to this famous festival.

The International Jury of the 7th MIFF is composed of the following members: Hamid Benani (director, producer and writer), John Hurt (actor), Shekhar Kapur (director and actor), Pavel Lounguine (director, screenwriter and producer), Aissa Maiga (actress), Claude Millier (director and writer), Parker Posey (actress) and Aitana Sanchez-Gijon (actress). The Czechoslovakian born Milos Forman heads the jury.

Their job is choosing the Grand Prix winner as well as to award the Jury Prize, Best Actress and Actor Prize.

The 7th Annual Marrakech International Film Festival will be held December 7 to 15, 2007, in Marrakech, Morocco.

Tangier’s entrepreneurs applaud HRH Prince Moulay Rachid for passion to make world a better place

Tangier-Morocco, December 1, 2007 – Tangier’s entrepreneurs applaud the foresight of His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid in providing leadership, which fosters the considerable gains in creating a sustainable future and giving the opportunity citizens to excel in their line of work.

" The presence of the His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid fills us with optimism" affirmed one of Tangier businessmen referring to the Prince state visit to France to make strong efforts to bring the 2012 World Expo to Tangier-Morocco.

The extraordinary commitment shown by His Royal Highness gives a powerful voice and platform for identification of drivers of change that sketch a roadmap for great future for city of Tangier.

As an integral part of the economic development of Morocco, His Royal Highness, who is a long-time advocate of empowering small and medium businesses, spearheads numerous projects that aim to deliver support that enable Moroccans to start new businesses and improve existing businesses.

His Royal Highness' busy schedule also includes his upcoming 7th Marrakech International Film Festival, which makes possible for small and medium businesses to supplement their annual income as festival attracts massive consumer network.