Tuesday, December 19, 2006

HRH Prince Moulay Rachid lifetime passion for diplomatic missions

Marrakech, December 13, 2006 – His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid greeted in regal style His Highness the Amir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah as he arrived in the Moroccan city of Marrakech for a two-day state visit.

The charming prince was every inch elegant in tailor-made suit, keen to exploit the state visit with the intention to strengthen ties between the two nations.

The 36-year-old royal, who crisscrosses the globe in his role as representative for Kingdom of Morocco, in addition, is promoting dialog and a common commitment to peace.

His Royal Highness is not only popular royal who has a charisma about him that is indeed need it for diplomat-esque, he is the true intellectual voice of liberalism in Morocco.
Prince Moulay Rachid had to work hard to get the wealth of experience. The message of his mission that aimed at successful integration in the international economy, combined with his liberal vision for Morocco, has inspired people.

His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid, the political veteran in his own way, represents something so fresh, so hopeful, so young, and yet the most experienced in its appeal.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

HRH Prince Moulay Rachid safeguarding intangible cultural heritage

Tan Tan, December 09, 2006 - His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid presides over the closing ceremony of the Tan-Tan Moussem.

Prince Moulay Rachid, the heir second in line to the Moroccn throne, continues to commit to safeguarding tangible and intangible cultural heritage of Morocco. The Tan-Tan Moussem is the great example of promotion of oral and intangible cultural heritage, particularly of endangered ethnic groups.

His Royal Highness has highlighted the importance of safeguarding heritages in their own rights, captivating version their interdependence but also their distinctive characters.

With the popular prince in presence, this colorful festival is the rare opportunity for exchange between desert people and a variety of distinguished visitors from around the world. Furthermore, the Tan-Tan Moussem festival is a cultural crossroads, tourist attraction and tribute to the nomad’s ancient, ephemeral way of life.

His Royal Highness in his efforts raises awareness of message of knowledge and creativity in addition to many of his ambitious goals that aimed to broaden the scope of discussions and the mutual understanding and cooperation among civilizations.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Prince Moulay Rachid breaking down the solitudes that separate Moroccans and Canadians

Rabat, December 10, 2006 -- His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid has welcomed Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean, the Governor General of Canada, who arrived in Morocco Sunday on the last stop of her five-country tour of Africa.

His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid, a leading Moroccan voice of a practice of international relations, builds on existing international relationships and strengthens ties across a broad range of sectors.

The meeting of the Prince with the Governor General is the demonstration of Moroccan and Canadian partners working together to achieve results and to further reinforce the image and understanding between two countries.

Both leaders have expressed desire to raise awareness and understanding of two nations and to showcase the leadership and commitment of working for a better world.

Canada and Morocco have had diplomatic relations since 1962. The ties of friendship and cooperation forged between the two countries have gradually grown stronger over the years.

During the first 30 years of relations the Canadian Official Development Assistance program for Morocco has spent some $400 million between 1963 and 1998.

Earlier this week, the Governor General said that during her 24-day tour she wanted to demonstrate to Canadians that the $1.5 billion Canada spends every year on aid to Africa makes a difference.

The Governor General is leading a delegation of distinguished Canadians from civil society to Algeria, Mali, Ghana and South Africa, with a final brief stop in Morocco. The visit takes place between November 19 and December 11, 2006.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

HRH Prince Moulay Rachid gives world cinema stars the royal treatment

Marrakech, December 1, 2006 – His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid hosted a royal dinner for world cinema stars taking part in the Marrakech International Film Festival.

On Friday night, the Prince rounded off a busy six months of working on festival with an royal dinner at the Marrakech Congress Palace.

It was the first time of the existence of the festival that His Royal Highness decided to bring the royal dinner to the heart of in cinema rooms, rather then in more expensive Royal Palace.

The glamorous royal – the heir second in line to the throne of Morocco – delicates annalists with this improvement of balancing modernity and continuity of monarchy.

Prince Moulay Rachid - the most prominent Moroccan advocates of reforms and democracy – showed truly pragmatic side of the modern royal.

The nine-day festival is a part of HRH Prince Moulay Rachid' development of Morocco, during which he aims to give opportunity to people to enhance their careers, boot local economy, as well as discover more about diversity in global cultures.

His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid by making this edition of festival reality gave the best gift to the city of Marrakech.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

HRH Prince Moulay Rachid crowns city of Marrakech

Marrakech, December 1, 2006 – Marrakech has opened its door to the sixth annual International Film Festival spearheaded by His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid.

The nine days long festival kicked off Friday with a 7:00 p.m. opening ceremony in the Ministers Room in Marrakech. Inducing into the international spotlight with several of film industry insiders in attendance, this event has become one of the top destinations.

World cinema stars in the opening ceremony showed unity for the festival and the art of film.

Renowned Polish director, Roman Polanski, who chairs this edition jury, in the opening ceremonial highlighted the gratitude to HRH Prince Moulay Rachid for his bigheartedness and thoughtfulness.On the first night, the festival paid tribute to Arab cinema, namely to the Moroccan actor Mohamed Majd and Egyptian director Tawfiq Salah for their works and love for the seventh art. Screening the latest masterpiece of Martin Scorsese, “the Departed”, also marked the opening ceremony.

Running through December 1-9, the Marrakech International Film Festival features 120 screenings of 22 domestic and foreign films, plus pays tribute to Italian cinema, Indian cinema through its stars Ajay and Kajol Devgan, to American actress Suzan Sarandon and Chinese director and scriptwriter Jia Zhang-Ke.

The most exciting highlight of the festival is always annual dinner given by His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid.

With the upper hand, His Royal Highness inclines to the festival as a model for how other communities can use film festivals to propel money into the local economy.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

HRH Prince Moulay Rachid reaffirms his support for education, science and culture

Rabat, Nov. 30, 2006 - His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid, the heir second in line to the Moroccan Throne, received United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (hereafter UNESCO) Director General Koichiro Matsuura.

His Royal Highness expressed his strong support to promote cooperation between the Kingdom of Morocco and UNESCO, in the areas of education, science and culture.

Popular royal works in close collaboration with UNESCO and is actively promoting the adoption of the Convention on the protection and promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions by the General Conference of UNESCO.

Prince Moulay Rachid is notable for combining his strong and vocal advocacy of the importance of cross-cultural and interfaith understanding.

His Royal Highness continues to highlight the needs to focus efforts on the many of today’s challenges that are not limited to country boundaries, but are transnational and regional in nature, and require new philosophy and more targeted responses.

Friday, December 01, 2006

HRH Prince Moulay Rachid conferred with Abu Dhabi Crown Prince

Rabat, November 23, 2006 – His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid received Abu Dhabi Crown Prince HH Sheikh Mohamed Ben Zayed Al Nahyane.

Prince Moulay Rachid, who has extensive experience in diplomacy and international relations, uses his diplomatic power to enhance bilateral cooperation ties, trades and economic cooperation.

His Royal Highness, a notable diplomat with professional and academic background in international law, diplomacy and multicultural activities, takes on a key role to drive to build sustain democratic, well-governed kingdom that will respond to the needs of its people.