Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wishing many happy returns Your Royal Highness!

Today (June 20th 2007), we reiterate our infinite gratitude and give out warmest congratulations to His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid to his 37th birthday.

On this very special occasion, with the gratefulness we convey a message of our wishes of very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and a warm appreciation and great big thank you for what His Royal Highness has done for all of us throughout his reign of Alaouite Dynasty. We also look forward to many, many more years of his reign.

A glorious realization of His Royal Highness 's tireless devotion and commitment to the public service not only of all his peoples in Morocco but all over the world, undertaken throughout his various outstanding official duties, brought vision and enthusiasm to his vital task and status.

His Royal Highness carries out a wide variety of official foreign engagements, undertakes an outstanding range of nationwide duties, grants public and private audiences to a great number of personals, chairs many official events and has a broad interest and support of a great number of organizations.

As a result of the escalating number of commitments, His Royal Highness created during HM King Hassan II reign, ‘The Office of His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid’.

Diplomatic mission, peace and economic development

His Royal Highness is keenly interested in the international affairs and foreign policy, and is strongly oriented toward taking an active role on the world stage. His Royal Highness’ ongoing efforts seek to ensure that Kingdom’s foreign policy echoes true Moroccan values and move forward Moroccan national interests.

Within the framework of Prince Moulay Rachid’s mission, which toward to aim of general interest of Moroccan citizens, he focuses his interest on strengthening rules-based trading arrangements and to broaden free and fair market access at bilateral and global levels, aspiring to comprehensively address the development of new trade relationships with the diversity of countries.

In this capacity, His Royal Highness is working with a range of partners inside and outside governments to achieve augmented economic opportunity and enhanced and strengthen Morocco’s economy for the long haul.

His Royal Highness also is working at the grassroots level in a number of national and international projects for the promotion of rural development for the disadvantaged.
His Royal Highness highlights the need to improve economic change and guarantee that globalization put forward real advantages for all.

As an active advocate for peace, His Royal Highness focusing on long-term sustainability and an espousal of best practices, and in an extension of Prince Moulay Rachid’s recognized involvement, in achieving threefold goal of political stability in peace, security and stability in the region and international arenas.

Bridging cross-cultural and inter-faith divides

His Royal Highness devotes much of his time to people, promotion of dialogue and encouragement, and increase understanding of different cultures as our bridges that bring us together not as obstacles that keep us apart. The Prince’s keen interest in multicultural relations has a deep desire to share the vision of stressing common values across borders to unite the universal bonds of humanity.

His Royal Highness as a tireless advocate of Alliances of Civilizations acts as a channel for the initiatives that are aim at increasing understanding and dialogue between civilizations. He frequently presides and courageously seeks developing the relationships among nations as a forum to bridge the North-South and West-East divide inside and outside of the realm of official diplomatic circles and the professional conference circuit.

On another front, His Royal Highness spearheads several projects, home and aboard, that endeavor the best means of bridging the gap between cultures and enhancing interfaith dialogues en route for peace in the 21st Century.

His Royal Highness also plays a very active role in the promotion of Morocco's cultural interests aboard, targeting in particular young people through activities, which are relevant to them.

Encouraging science and R&D explorations

His Royal Highness shows wisdom, deep desire and special interest in all matters related to science. He promotes the capability of the government to apply scientific recommendation to its policy and economic development, which are critical to the innovation system’s ability to function efficiently.

His Royal Highness underlines the needs of research labs for modern facilities and equipment, as well as highly skilled research personnel, to keep pace with the rapidly changing technological landscape and to keep these facilities operating at productive levels.

His Royal Highness supports government departments and agencies to continually examine their work agendas, to ensure broader implications for innovation in Morocco, to make available the new capacity, to take action on emerging science-based challenges and opportunities, and to guarantee the government’s critical role in the innovation system is suitably carried out.

His Royal Highness encourages to fearlessly take on valuable leadership roles in society and the opportunities that are presented by the application of science and R&D in society with the endeavor of economic returns from the production.

His Royal Highness is keenly interested in issues of Neuroscience, a field that is devoted to the scientific study of the nervous system, and the research and fight against AIDS. He is endowed to promote training and research in the fields of development, to help establish new collaboration and to encourage cooperation between practicing scientists on international levels.

Social and welfare activities

His Royal Highness focuses his energies behind humanitarian activities home and abroad that aim to improve the livelihood of Moroccans from various sectors of society. Prince especially focuses on children from disadvantageous families and their integration in the society of tomorrow.

Under the umbrella of Prince’s keen interest in the situation of young people, His Royal Highness embarks on projects that aim to deliver outcome in the struggle against poverty and exclusion.

His Royal Highness dedicated his life to cultivating the creative spirit through a deep understanding of social and welfare activities. The Prince often visits people in the field and closely monitors the activities of several workgroups.

The preservation of heritage and tourism

His Royal Highness is working to save the objects that embody the history, and concerned individuals across the nation who care about preserving pieces of our shared and individual pasts.

Through his involvement, the Prince is helping small and mid-sized museums, libraries, archives, historical societies, and scientific organizations, to evaluate, protect and preserve historic properties for future and to encourage greater appreciation of our heritage.

His Royal Highness pursues an active agenda built around pillars that defines cultural heritage tourism as traveling to experience the places, relics and activities that authentically represent the nation's citizens and communities identify.

His Royal Highness actively supports the development of Morocco’s tourism sector, spearheads and directs the most important initiatives that aims to highlight the Kingdom as first-class tourism destination and top-quality services; notably, Hassan II Golf Trophy, Marrakech International Film Festival, Maroc Classic Rally, Tan-Tan Festival, the Traditional Equestrian Arts – Fantasia, also new emerging projects such International Yacht race.

Passion of Golf and other sports

His Royal Highness’ a broad interest also focuses on activities in the fields of sport and supports numerous events and of a great number of organizations in his hard-working career that couples his love of sport with duty and public service.

As a keen golf-man, His Royal Highness believes in making golf accessible to all Moroccans. Since his young age, he has been committed to developing the game across the country and creating opportunities for all. Out of His Royal Highness’ goodwill, he has launched one of the country's most ambitious projects ‘Royal Moroccan Golf Tour’ that governs and promotes golf programs and conducts major golf tournaments in the Kingdom. The Prince’s ambitious projects aim to develop golf tourism industry that creates new revenue streams and resources for local event.

His Royal Highness is committed to growing the game of golf and to helping young golfers improve their games, to give them the opportunity to receive proper instruction and learn the rules.

His Royal Highness leads grass roots junior golf development and has made the support of junior golf one of its foremost sport missions. To ensure the emergence of national champions, the Prince has created ‘The Royal Academy of Golf’.

Formal Education and Professional Development

His Royal Highness diverse educational background started at young age at Royal Palace in Rabat with the Islamic Studies. He completed his primary and secondary educations in Royal College in Rabat. His academic education started at Mohamed V University where he earned the Bachelor of Laws with major in Legal, Economics and Social affairs and Master Degree of Laws in Political Sciences. He undertook the practical training for his Doctoral degree with United Nations in New Your, USA. He returned back to Mohamed V University where he completed the postgraduate Degree in International Relations. The Prince continued with his education at the University Montesquieu-Bordeaux IV in France, where he accomplished Doctoral degree. His PhD’s thesis presented philosophy on the Organization of Islamic Conference.His Royal Highness speaks Arabic, English, Spanish and French. He also speaks the Moroccan Arabic (Darija) and Amazigh dialects.

His Royal Highness is the President of Moroccan National Scouting Federation, Hassan II Golf Trophy Association, Royal Moroccan Golf Federation, Royal Moroccan Federation for Hunting Shotgun Shooting, Marrakech International Film Festival Foundation, UN Children's Commission and Honorary President of Royal Moroccan Yachting Federation, Royal Moroccan Skiing and Mountaineering Federation, Moroccan Environmental Protection Association, Moroccan - Far East Association, Spanish Social Service Association, Maghreb Association for Research and the Fight Against AIDS and Moroccan Association of Law Students in France.

The Prince has touched millions of lives through his hard work that he has carried out on behalf of the Kingdom of Morocco and large international nations. His Royal Highness’ extensive work and commitment, his strategic vision, his deep devotion to the nation is genuinely admired and appreciated, and have given a contemporary dimension to the concept of Royal Service.


Anonymous sail said...

happy aniversary

June 24, 2007 6:39 AM  
Blogger Marilyn said...

مي فتهر إس جمس دقلس وإللسن. هي إس ان إننسسنت مان بسد أن مرسسان لاو.
هي إس ا طح يإر ألد رترد مان تهت وأس ترنق إن سبين. هي وأس إن ان إمرقنسي لندنق بسسي تهي بلت أف تهي بلني لست بووإر.
يأر ريأل ير لقن هس فرفيد مسهنسل بربلمس وإته تهي بلني.
تهن تهي أررستد مي فتهر أن درق سهرقس. إن مرسويأ سننت بي سهرقد وإته ا درق سهرقي أنلسس درقس أري برسنت.
تهي ريأل تريند دقس أف قنيترا أند تهي مرسسان بلسي "ووأفيل", " وإفدنسي" أف درقس أن جمس وإللسن, أن تهي بلني أر إن تهي أرا.
يإت يأ هفي سنتنسي هم فر ح يإرس.
هوو إس تهس بسسبلي.

ي وإلل قلدلي برفدي يأ وإته فا رسردس سهووإنق ا مان نمد ردلبه بتا, أف تس إس تهي وونر أف تهي بلني.

أس وإلل مي فتهر إس ا ديبتس. هي هس لستخص لبس بسسي يأر برسنس هفنعت فيد هم, تهي هفي نت قفن هم ديبتس مدسني تهت إس أس أببرفذ إن أددتن هي هس هد ديررها فر 1ئ ويكس, فمتس بلود,قت, منقنما, نمبنسس إن تس,فيت,فنقرس,هندس,بلود فرم إر, ع هدسهس (فرنت,رقهت,بسك بي سبني). تهي لست قس أن أند أن. يإس, هي إس ان الدر مان بت بسسي أف تهي هرربلي ترتمنت فرم يأر برسنس هفي مدي هس هلته إفن وأرسي.

بلسي لوك إنوتهس ستتن. مي فتهر إس ا طح يإر ألد رترد مان, هسبند أف المست 4ط يإرس, لفنق فتهر أف أ, تهي بست قرندفتهر أف أ, لتس أند لتس أف فملي, أند فريندس.

تهس إس مي فتهرعس وإبستي تهت هس قرندسن جمس مدي فر ببلي إن تهي أسا أند تهي وأرلد وهلب سببرت أند سهوو تهري لفي فر هم.

بلسي هي إس ان إننسنت مان سند هم همي!!

ي سان بي سنتستد أنيتمي أت 1-84ح-4عط-طح0ح
أر وإللسنمرلين@يأهو.سم

بلسي هلب برنق مي دد همي الإفي!!!

يأ دنعت وأنت ا أنتد ستتس ستزن ديإنق أن مرسسان سل

تهنك يأ
مرلين وإللسن (لفنق دقهتر)

September 05, 2008 8:46 AM  
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