Friday, February 01, 2008

HRH Prince Moulay Rachid highlights importance of preservation of the ancient art of falconry

Morocco-Zemamra, November 11, 2007 – As continuing commitment to his drive for youth empowerment, HRH Prince Moulay Rachid, Honorary President of the Moroccan Falconers Association Al-Noubala, on Saturday has set the Moroccan Falconry Exhibitions, to display the young falconers names in the sport, with the aim to spark a new understanding for both birds of prey and falconry and the need to protect the environment in general.

An extensive program was decided to give falconry in Morocco a new development. With plenty of family fun and unique day out of activities for all to enjoy, the goal of the exhibition was to motivate through education a new generation of young falconers and serve as an important educational facility with providing an insight into the habits of many birds and to educate about this tradition that must be not forgotten or abused.

The young falconers who participated in this exhibition, were very grateful for the opportunity and experiments that enrich their skills, allow them to compare practices with those of other, learn a lot, and obtain the confidence with the training assiduously joined their unwavering motivation that will add new letters of nobility to the Moroccan falconry.

Falconry is an ancient sport and very demanding endeavor, taking wild quarry in its natural state with a trained raptor and requiring a serious dedication of time and energy from the falconer.


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