Monday, August 21, 2006

Prince Moulay Rachid paves the way for continuity of the institution of monarchy

Morocco, August 20, 2006 - His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid marked today the fifty-three anniversary of the Revolution of the King and the People, a landmark in the country's history, which illustrates the heroic struggle of the Alaouite Throne and Moroccan people against French occupation.

On August 20, 1953 the French colonial authorities exiled Alaouite Royal Family, after the Late King Mohammed V - grandfather of Prince Moulay Rachid - refused to sign decrees consecrating French domination over Morocco.

Prince Moulay Rachid has been heavily involved in spearheading many of the nation's initiatives and projects that contribute the great deal to the development and progress of Morocco.

The Prince has become a pioneer in the effort to promote the dialog among civilization, and has liaised with statesmen to ensure the evolution beyond the boundaries.

His Royal Highness efforts are advocating a continuity of Morocco’s history, society, institution and the monarchy, the core stated by his grandfather the Late King Mohammed V.


Anonymous ilya said...

Exquisite beauty. Prince looks fantastic.

August 22, 2006 4:33 AM  
Anonymous August said...

Prince Moulay Rachid looks lovely as always.

August 22, 2006 11:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

inteligent charasmatic charming elegant i can't stop describing this prestige prince

August 22, 2006 6:30 PM  
Anonymous iman said...

kuwait magazine praises Prince Moulay Rachid leadership!!

August 23, 2006 5:26 AM  
Anonymous alia said...

Prince Moulay Rachid is the greatest leader on the WORLD.

August 23, 2006 11:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prince Moulay Rachid is always very regal and serene.

August 23, 2006 1:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, he looks Great! looks fabulous!

August 24, 2006 1:04 PM  
Anonymous manuel said...

I think he is doing a great job for monarchy, his country and world. he is involved in many areas of problems, he is working in a field he knows need attaintion.

August 27, 2006 7:23 AM  

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