Sunday, February 03, 2008

HRH Prince Moulay Rachid captures the magic, true character and originality designed for MIFF

Marrakech-Morocco, November 21, 2007 -- Under the brave leadership of His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid, the Foundation of Marrakech International Film Festival, with all its strength, uses the entire energy to fulfill every one of its commitments.

His Royal Highness is pleased to announce an impressive line-up of international films and fresh new agendas for the fabulous city of Marrakech.

110 films from 23 countries will participate in the 7th edition of the Marrakech International Film Festival (MIFF). Among them, 14 titles were officially selected for competition.

Through this international competition, His Royal Highness is committed to continue for search of new talent and explore emerging cinema from various countries in the world.

Special attention will be given to Eastern European countries, while taking advantage of maturity of filmmakers in Hollywood and look at the potential benefits of certain countries in Asia.

With His Royal Highness leadership, courage and patience, MIFF achieved both success and true originality that illustrates the positive role cultural event can have in support for modern Morocco.

MIFF is a vigorous festival with awards presented in the following categories: the Grand Prix of MIFF (l'Etoile d'Or), Jury Prize, Best Actress and Actor prize.

The 7th Annual Marrakech International Film Festival will be held December 7 to 15, 2007, in Marrakech, Morocco.


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