Saturday, August 25, 2007

HRH Prince Moulay Rachid makes great strides

Morocco-Rabat, August 19, 2007 - As the Centenary year is underway, under the strategic leadership of His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid, Moroccan Scouts are involved in exhilarating local, national, regional and world initiatives, which capture the aspirations and hopes of young people for the future.

His Royal Highness’ presidency of Moroccan National Federation of Scouting is a key in those endeavors, as he shares his plans and motivates Scouts at national and international levels to get them involved in special events and to celebrate what unites them, and to learn what they can do together to help build better world.

His Royal Highness outstanding efforts and supports ensure that Scouting makes the most of Centenary and that Scouting continues to develop and grow in second century.

Since His Royal Highness took the presidency of Moroccan National Federation of Scouting, the youth movement has grown together with the growth of population and gained the experience and knowledge that are invaluable. Many separate organizations were born, and became the part of national federation.

His Royal Highness believes in helping scouts members fulfill their full physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potentials, learning by doing and thinking for themselves. On this note, His Royal Highness strongly encourages girls to join the scout movement, to get involved in programs that coach physically and mentally, to develop critical life skills, to be able to involve in various positive activities in the community.

His Royal Highness actively seeks to help, inspire, challenge, and empower girls with informal educational program and to give them the opportunity to develop self-esteem. Furthermore, the journey advances diversity and pluralism in the Scout Movement.

His Royal Highness also affirms that the Scout Movement shall ever be open social force that takes action to fight illiteracy and social exclusion trough programs that expose the essential role of literacy and basic education in the larger course of development and progress that guarantee the education for all.

His Royal Highness also insist that the Scout Movement will carry on to promote environmental sustainability and to create greater awareness for the environment, to spread key messages on environmental protection and conservation issues.

In addition, His Royal Highness vows that the Scout Movement will continue to make constructive contribution to society and promotion of the cultural diversity, to accomplish systemic and measurable progress towards sustainable development, and to help children and young people to have the rights given to them.

His Royal Highness, who is in the active process of taking the steps and measures necessary to encompass scouting capacity of social innovation, is demonstrating the energetic commitment to fight the global scourge of terrorism, as well as encouraging greater unity and input advancing peace, enhancing the spirit that seeks for a more peaceful world, hope to gain global spirit in building better world.

The Moroccan National Federation of Scouting is the largest non-government youth movement in Morocco famous nationally and internationally and serving both girls and boys.


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