Sunday, September 23, 2007

HRH Prince Moulay Rachid is spreading spirit of youth empowerment

Melloussa-Tangier-Morocco, September 21, 2007 -- His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid, heir to the Moroccan throne, on Friday continued to push for youth empowerment issues as he took part in the launching ceremony of recently opened rural social center for girls in Melloussa.

During a very cheering meeting with some of the young girls, His Royal Highness reiterated his hope for tomorrow's children, whether in urban or rural areas of the Kingdom, no longer deprived of the fundamental human rights, liberty and dignity to which every child is entitled.

Guided by local members of the facility, His Royal Highness toured the facility and was briefed on some of the key projects and innovative programs that will be run by the center.

His Royal Highness stressed the need for support of young girls in rural areas aimed at improving access to education to develop their confidence, communication skills and other vocational and social skills. The Prince also noted the benefits of such projects can positively influence decision-making support for girls, tutor them to be familiar with the rights and responsibilities and develop positive attitudes of society and family toward educating girls.

While visiting the northern part of Morocco, His Royal Highness witnessed firsthand the challenges and circumstances faced by the Kingdom's youngest society. The Prince was acquainted with the requirements and concerns of the surrounding rural community, in particular, difficulties and the harsh reality of living in poverty.

In encouraging the empowerment of youth, His Royal Highness pushes the government to give special attention to young generation, to maximize outcomes for children and to help provide them with the life skills and knowledge they need to have healthy lives and a better future.

His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid is a renowned advocate for children and youth through his active role in the national and global drive to protect and promote the children’s rights. His Royal Highness's leadership in increasing awareness to empower young generations and his tireless work to recognize and meet new challenges are inspirational.


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