Thursday, March 29, 2007

HRH Prince Moulay Rachid lends his support to the development project of new suburb

Rabat, March 13, 2007 - His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid inquired on the development project of new suburb Tamesna in Rabat - Morocco.

Popular royal, who is acknowledged for his strong leadership of development of Morocco, supports and emphasizes the need for projects supporting the higher standard of living for Moroccan people.

With His Royal Highness support, this project serves as an inspiration for urban development in cities in the region and will be undertaken by the government and private companies from Morocco, Spain, France, Portugal, Malaysia, Qatar and Libya.

The project is expected to cost 22.3 billion dirhams, will offer housing for 250,000 inhabitants over a 4,000-hectare area, as well includes the building of schools, health centres, a hospital, mosques, industrial zones and a university.


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